Since its founding in 2000, Academia Cotopaxi’s Language Center worked to meet the needs of Quito’s community and our students as they searched for a better life through the power of learning English.  We can be proud that thousands of students, both youth and adult, through the years have enjoyed the benefits of English instruction by way of our courses and community centered programming.  Building upon that strong legacy, we are proud to share with you our new name, the One Institute, an identity that reflects our past traditions, embodies who we are today, but also enshrines our commitment to an even more dynamic future.
Academia Cotopaxi’s ONE Institute is now more than a center of language learning, we are a place where the aspirations of our partners and students are realized through business and corporate training, community outreach programs, service learning as well as college entrance support and testing preparation.  Within our classrooms and through our partnerships, language moves beyond mastery of grammar and vocabulary to become a powerful tool in the discovery of new worlds of possibility and self-fulfillment.
In using language to bring people together, the ONE Institute proves  to be a magical place where the diverse richness of community and the power of the  individual come together to create one language of common experiences and shared empowerment.  At the ONE Institute, we are teachers and linguists, but we are also builders of partnerships and agents of positive social change.
We are taking our greatest strength in effectively offering English mastery to our students, and applying that asset to effectively open new opportunities for our clients in the areas  career growth, community enhancement and individual development.
Please come visit us in our new administrative offices on the first floor of Academia Cotopaxi’s entry annex, where we would enjoy giving you not only a personal tour of our new spaces, but also meet with you and share the promise and potential the One Institute represents as a new realization of the power of language for us all.